Subhot Industrial

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters are an extraordinarily versatile and durable product that is used to heat a myriad different processes from heavy industrial - plastics and packaging applications to critical care medical devices and analytical test instruments to being used on aircrafts, railcars and trucks. Cartridge heaters are capable of operating at temperatures of up to 1400F and achieving watt densities of up to 260 watts per square inch. Available from stock or custom manufactured to your individual application need, they are available in many different imperial and metric diameters and lengths with many different style terminations, wattage and voltage ratings.

Technical Specification :

Sheath Material Stainless steel, INCOLOY
Operating Temperature Up to 760°C
Watt Densities Up to 400 W/in2
Voltage Up to 480V AC
Sheath Length Tolerance ±3%
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
Resistance Tolerance +10%, -5%
Termination Style Swaged in leads, Crimped on leads, Right angle leads, Swaged in stainless steel braid, etc.


  • • Semiconductor chamber heating.
  • • Semiconductor wire and die bonding.
  • • Freeze protection and deicing of equipment in cold climates or applications.
  • • Humidity control.
  • • Patient comfort heating used in medical devices.
  • • Metal die casting.
  • • Seal bars used in packaging equipment.
  • • High-temperature glass forming equipment.


  • • Able to reach and transfer heat wherever required, without losing much energy during the transmission.
  • • Minimized energy loss and enhanced effectiveness of the heating process.
  • • Distributed Wattage.
  • • Higher Watt Densities and Operating Temperatures.
  • • Temperature sensing capabilities built into the heater can increase its utility and lifespan, by helping to control temperatures and prevent overheating.