Subhot Industrial


Strip Ribbon Zig-Zag heating elements have open circuits consisting of coiled resistance wire/ strip (element usually Ni-Chrome alloys or Ferrous alloys FeCrAl) fixed onto a supporting insulation body like ceramic tube, ceramic fiber board, insulation refectories etc that heat the medium directly. Termed as the most efficient and versatile while also the most economically feasible solution for heating, these elements have fast heat up times because direct heat transfer to object by radiation without insulation medium. That improves efficiency and has been designed for low maintenance and inexpensive replacement parts. When an electrical current is applied to the wire, it gives off heat. The wire is connected to the control panel which regulates the amount of heat provided by the electric heater and fills the tunnel of the air handling unit. Because of the low mass and fast response time, SSR or SCR switching devices are advisable.

They serve as an indirect solution to decrease watt density requirements and prevent heat sensitive materials from breaking down. The heater can be formed into a compact, coiled nozzle heater supplying a full 360 degrees of heat with optional distributed wattage.


Watt Density Up to 5 W/cm²
Heating Wire/Strip Ni-chrome Alloys or Ferrous Alloys FeCrAl
Operating Temperature Up to 1100°C
Controls SSR/ SCR/Relays/RTD
Terminations Customized
Fixing Mount on ceramic tube, ceramic fiber board or insulation refectories.


  • • Most efficient and versatile
  • • Economically feasible
  • • Fast heat up time
  • • Low maintenance cost and easy replaceable.
  • • Low cost because of no need extra accessories.