Subhot Industrial

Silicone Rubber Heater

Silicone Rubber Heaters are available as wire wound or etched foil. Wire wound elements consist of the resistance wire wound on a fiberglass cord for support and stability.
Etched foil heaters are made with a thin metal foil (.001”) as the resistance element. Wire wound is recommended and preferred for small to medium size quantities, medium to large sized heaters, and to produce prototypes to prove out the design parameters prior to entering into large volume production runs with etched foil.

Technical Specification :

Maximum Size Length: 1″ to 120″
Width 1 to 36 inches
Thickness 0.056" standard, other thicknesses available
Voltage 12V to 600V AC or DC
Maximum Operating Temperature 450°F
Electrical Rating (Wire) ±10% ,-5 %, foil ±10 %, -10%


  • 1. The lead wire consists of high-temperature resistance wire wound around a fibreglass core for added support and flexibility.
  • 2. Silicone rubber is rugged, moisture and chemical resistant, flame retardant, have high dielectric strength.
  • 3. Nickel Chromium Resistance wire for maximum life, evenly wound for even heat distribution. The vulcanization process is used to attach the power leads and cord sets to the heater winding.
  • • Heating inks
  • • Sealing bars
  • • Food warming
  • • Packaging and sealing
  • • Laboratory equipment
  • • Hot Plates and ovens

Design Options
Ground Mesh For grounding purposes, the second layer of insulating material and a conductive grid can be added to the heater. The heater comes with a ground wire.
Sponge Insulation To improve heater efficiency, 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” insulation can be bonded to the outside of the heater. Closed-cell silicone sponge is extremely flexible and has a Temperature range of “-75°C to 250°C”
Enclosure Heaters They are used to maintain the temperature in any type of electrical box. Typical applications include ATM's, control boxes, traffic signals, utility boxes, cabinets and switchgear. Enclosure heaters are excellent for controlling humidity or moisture within an electrical box.
Round Heaters Round shapes are also available.
Round heaters are best attached to tooling with PSA.


  • • Condensation Prevention
  • • Freeze Protection
  • • Food Service
  • • Aerospace Industry
  • • Heated Platens
  • • Medical Services
  • • Semiconductor Industry
  • • Heating of Pipes
  • • Composite Curing

Drum Heaters

SUBHOT Heater Drum Heaters are an easy way to heat up drum contents. Various sizes and lengths allow you to heat practically any drum, pail or barrel. Uniform heat prevents scorching or degradation of the contents.

The silicone rubber band heater is placed below the level of the fluid. The easy spring lock-up provides movement of the band when content levels fluctuate. The band style drum heater can be used on plastic, alloy or any other material.


  • • Easy installation with spring loaded fastener.
  • • 3 conductor cord set.
  • • Internally grounded.
  • • Can be wrapped around any object.
  • • Options thermocouples, RTD’s, holes and cut-outs
Sheath Material Steel, 304 Stainless steel, Iron, Aluminum, Zinc coated Steel
Watt Density Up to 38 W/inch²
Length Up to 48 inches
Fins Material Aluminium


  • • Surface Heating
  • • Process Air Heating
  • • Winterizing
  • • Space Heating
  • • Food warming
  • • Packaging and sealing
  • • Laboratory equipment
  • • Autoclaves and ovens


  • • Available with or without mounting tabs.
  • • Easy and economical to install.
  • • Corrosion and vibration resistant.
  • • Durable, versatile and easy to control.
  • • Uniform Heat Distribution.
  • • Suitable for low to medium temperatures.
  • • Laboratory equipment
  • • Durable, versatile and easy to use.