Subhot Industrial


Seamless high temperature tubes made from iron-chromium-aluminium alloys (Powder metallurgy or conventional metallurgy), heat resistant casting alloys, or nickel based alloy are called radiant tubes. All above alloys have different compositions & are opted according to application Highly customized to meet specifications, they are mostly used for gas heated or electrically heated furnaces. General designs include straight, U shaped and W shaped radiant tubes in any desired length. Used in extremely demanding environments, leak-proof and corrosion resistant are other unique features of radiant tubes. Heat resistant casting alloys allow operating temperatures up to 1100 °C. Radiant tubes can be used as standalone elements or in collaboration with bundle rod heaters. When used with bundle rod heaters, they can be used for temperatures up to 1400 °C and have superior performance.


  • • Heat treatment furnaces (carburizing furnaces and galvanizing furnaces).
  • • Melting, dosing and holding furnaces.
  • • Dental furnaces
  • • Diffusion furnaces
  • • Laboratory furnaces