Subhot Industrial


Open coil heaters made by Subhot industry have the features of high heating transfer effiency, safety, stable and long time service life. And the open coil heaters are one type of air heaters that expose the maximum resistance heating element surface area directly to an airflow. Open coil elements consist of an exposed resistance wire (typically Ni-Chrome) crimped onto terminals and strung between ceramic insulators. A variety of different wire gauges, wire types and coil diameters are commonly used depending on application needs. The benefit of open coil elements, however, is that they have low thermal inertia, resulting in typically very fast response times and their small surface area allows for reduced pressure drops.
Heat element for furnace has an open circuit and can directly heat the air from the suspended resistance coil. It is the most effective type of electric heating element, and it is also the most economical and feasible for most heating applications.


  • 1.Voltage: 380V.
  • 2.Working Temperature: 0℃-1100℃.
  • 3.Power:108kw or custom.
  • 4.Material: SS304, SS316, SS321, INCOLOY800, etc.
  • 5.Resistance wire gauge:line 6- line 38.
  • 6.Coil diameters: 0.250”-0.875”.


  • • Plastic injection molding nozzles
  • • Semiconductor manufacturing and wafer processing.
  • • Hot metal forming dies and punches.
  • • Sealing and cutting bars.
  • • Medical, analytical and scientific instruments.
  • • Restaurants and food processing equipment.
  • • Cast-in heaters.
  • • Laminating and printing presses.
  • • Air heating.
  • • Textile manufacturing.
  • • Heating in a vacuum environment.


  • • High ductility
  • • Low mass
  • • Constructed with no open seams.
  • • Available with fittings for mounting.