Subhot Industrial

Hose Pipe Heater

Pre-heated, pre-insulated heated hoses with PTFE / SS tube, self regulating / constant wattage heaters, suitable in safe & hazardous areas. Subhot tubing bundle can be used for transportation of liquids and gases and can provide either frost protection or maintenance of process temperatures. They are mainly found in chemical and petrochemical industry as analysing, instrument, sample extraction and process lines steam lines, condensed water return lines and transport lines for fluid and gaseous substances in explosive environments..

We can provide tubing bundle or heat traced lines for :

o Temperatures from frost protection up to 200C.
o Smooth surface made of extremely weather-resistant material.
o Up to 300 m in a single drum length.
o Cut to length on site.

Types of Protection Jackets

The flexibility as well as the ambient conditions of the lines depends on the type of the protection jacket. There are two different types :
o Rigid lines, sheathed with plastic (PVC, TPU or PA).
o Flexible lines, encased with a corrugated plastic (PA) or metal tubing.

Electrical Heating

Depending on the application of a line, there are various types of electrical heating units available, such as self-regulating heating elements, parallel heating elements and heating elements with fixed resistance.


o As quick and easy to install as an energy cable, which reduces installation costs.
o Available in very long lengths which reduce material costs due to fewer fittings and less material waste.
o Lower space requirement.
o Maintenance-free and well protected against mechanical damage, abrasion and corrosion.
o Approved for use in hazardous areas.


o Pressure Hoses - Heavy Duty PTFE Hose
o Rain Force Braid - Carbon Stain Less Steel Braided
o Independent Heating Alloy - Nichrome80/ Alloy 875/ Alloy 815/ Nickel 200/ Alloy30/ Alloy15/ Alloy10/ Alloy5/ Alloy27/ Alloy50/ Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Cutomize.
o Thermal Insulation - Fiber Glass & Ceramic Cloth.
o Temprature Sensor - RTD/ Thermocouple. o Max. Continous Temperature - 250 deg Calcius

Heated Hoses carry the hot melt adhesive from a melting location to a dispensing location. Conventionally used in printing industry but it can be used in any industry requiring a deliverance of quick and pressurised delivery of hot melt substances or heated liquids. These heaters are available in varying sizes, colours and lengths.